Third Party Liability

Third Party Liability

The deal with third party liability

Third party liability is a common name for the type of car insurance you can get to make sure that you’re not on the hook for third party costs in the event of an accident. If you break it down, ‘liability’ means ‘responsibility’, so if you’re liable then you’re officially and legally responsible. ‘Third party’ refers to the other person involved in the situation, like if you drive into someone else’s car then that person is the third party.
When people talk about car insurance, they generally want to convince you that comprehensive is the best option. And there’s merit to that argument. But that’s not what we want to talk about. We want to chat about third party costs and how this insurance could be the answer for you.


Third party costs

The reality is that accidents do happen. So, if you get into a car accident with another person, and it’s your fault, then you’ll be liable for the cost of repairing their car. These expenses could end up running into the tens of thousands. And that’s on top of whatever you need to deal with when it comes to fixing your own car.


Think about it…

Imagine that you drive what you consider to be a beautiful car. Beautiful because you own it, it’s yours, you look after it, and have we mentioned that it’s yours? Oh we did? Now imagine that you drive into the back of the latest Toyota Fortuner.
Take a second to consider just how much it would cost to repair even the most minor of scratches, let alone structural damage to the bumper of this kind of car. You’re possibly looking at R70,000 (maybe even more) because cars aren’t what they used to be and parts are increasingly more expensive. Anything that needs to be replaced needs to be ordered, there are labour costs involved, and even a spot of respraying to make sure it all matches up again.
It’s ridiculous how much it can cost to repair even the smallest of issues with cars nowadays, not to mention something more serious.


Third party liability saves the day

What this type of car insurance does is make sure that you’re not personally going to have to pay for any damage that you cause to someone else’s car. Given the costs involved, it’s completely worth it to take out third party liability cover.


How to get this cover

Comprehensive car insurance typically includes cover for third party costs, but if you can’t afford this option and your car is paid off and less valuable, then there’s a way to protect yourself from third party liability. Most (if not all) insurers also offer ‘third party, fire and theft car insurance’ and ‘third party only car insurance’. The first option covers third party costs and damage to your car by fire and the theft of your car. It costs less than comprehensive cover but won’t cover damage to your car if you get into an accident. This isn’t bad at all, especially considering how affordable it is.
But the cheapest way to cover third party costs, however, is to take out third party only car insurance. What you need to know is that the person whose property is being covered is NOT you. It’s only the third party involved, where you’re liable for the damage. In this case, a little cover is still way better than none at all!
You might not think that you’re super adventurous, but the fact is that we all take risks every day. Even making toast or getting out of bed can be risky. There’s no telling when an accident can happen, or who, or how many people might be involved. So make sure to cover third party car liability and prevent any unnecessary financial trauma from ruining your future.Click here to get a commitment-free quote in just 2 minutes or you can call 0860 50 50 50 to get in touch.